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Clachnacuddin Small Bore Rifle Club was formed in or by 1913. We do not yet have many details of the early years of the club. All of the National membership information was kept in London and was destroyed during the Blitz in 1941. The club may have been variously known as "Inverness smallbore" but should not to be confused with the fullbore club that was in existence about 1880. This latter "club" was a precursor to the TA. More history available here.  

Generally we shoot .22 single-shot target rifles (AKA small-bore).  Our indoor range at the club-house in Inverness is 25 yards long while our outdoor range at Dochfour is caters for both 50m and 100yards.   Most of the club members shoot prone (on the floor) using aperture sights (concentric circles or posts), some shoot off a bench-rest. Some of our competitions allow the use of a rifle mounted 'scope.  A few members shoot kneeling and standing (3P).  The indoor range is also capable of being used 10m air-rifle (not exceeding 6ft/lbs) and air-pistol.  We have two mechanical changers for paper target air use.

The club is open to all  - provided they pass the checks imposed by the police firearms unit.  Our youngest junior is about 11 years of age, our oldest wont tell us his age.  We have a significant number of female shooters - of all ages.  In total we have about 45 active members, some shoot recreationally, some compete Internationally, most compete in The National Leagues.

Apart from a few early reports (and a trophy dated 1912) most of our records - and the memory of our members - really starts around the time of the Second World War. At this time the club shot in the Cameron Barracks near Raigmore. In the 50's it moved to the Haugh - apparently shooting in an attic above a pub - and in the 60's moved to our current base in Kinmyles for indoor shooting.

Competition timetable for SSRA/NSRA/SPA Summer Shooting 2017-18 
(140) National 50/50 3P Team League May Jun Jul Aug Sep
Opponents ?1 ?2 ?3 ?4 ?5 ?1 ?2 ?3 ?4 ?5
Date 1 15 29 12 26 10 24 7 21 4

Certs and numbers
Outdoor range: 4/77; Indoor range:706; Scottish Ministers Approval: DDG 5/5 NI5; Club FAC 370/N

Ranges and Times
Our indoor 25 yard range has 7 firing points.  The club-house has
toilets, an equiped kitchen (with coffee/tea facilities, a small oven and a microwave),  a waiting area and a rifle preparation area.  Throughout the night we shoot in "details".  Each detail takes about 15 minutes and has up to 7 target shooters - so we can accommodate a significant number of shooters in an evening. 

Our outdoor range at Dochfour is 50m and 100yards, it has 8 firing points.  This range was reopened in 2009 as the members took a more active interest in outdoor shooting. 

The club is active in the local leagues as well as in National postal leagues. These competions are in classes - so you shoot against people with the same scores as yourself.  Club members are encouraged to participate in the leagues - but there is no requirement to do so. A smaller number of members regularly travel to 50m/100yard outdoor shoots throughout Scotland and to compete in SSRA outdoor events.  In 2011 the "Scottish" was held up near Thurso - a few photos from the event below.


During the Winter Season the club meets Monday and Thursday evenings at our Clubhouse - a 1900 start. During the Summer Season the club opens Monday evenings from 1900.  The days and times for outdoor tend to be Thursday from about 1800 but is a bit weather dependant especially early and late in the season. The club is open on Wednesday evenings for 3P shooting.

The club can provide access to all the equipment that is needed to take up .22 target shooting - rifles, ammunition, shooting jackets, gloves etc, together with basic training.

Serious shooters should perhaps consider starting to acquire their own kit after 6-9 months.

Membership of a rifle club is governed by a strict set of laws. This makes it difficult for us to advertise the club address (no "drop in" visits are allowed by members of the public). 
Before attending the club to shoot (or handling any weapons in the club) we are required to have you "checked".   So prior to attending the club we need to know who you are, and to send off a form to the local Police Firearms Unit.  After the police checks are concluded - usually 1-2 working day - we can give you access to the club.  

Existing holders of a Shotgun Certificate or of a Firearm Certificate will clearly have no issues - but we still have to operate procedures. I trust you appreciate the requirement to stay within the Home Office guidelines.

So if you want to visit the club with a view to becoming a member please drop an email to secretary at clach hyphen sbrc dot info including your postal address and - if possible - a land-line telephone number that can be validated via directory enquiries -  on your first contact.  On receipt we will send you a link to a web-form that collects the necessary infomation to complete the application.  Unless you hear otherwise, about a week after submission you will be OK to attend the club.  Note that you dont get a positive message from the vetting process, you just dont get rejected.

Please dont think you can join our club simply as an easy way to obtain or retain a Firearm Certificate.  Initial membership is probationary for 6 months.  Probationary members cannot refer to the club on an application for a FAC.  You have to be an active  member of the club for over least six months before you can consider target shooting as sport in which you are involved.  Also note that we have to report the names of members who hold their own firearms and fail to shoot on a regular basis - these members may not have a valid reason to retain their firearms/firearms certificate.

We can take small numbers of new members at anytime throughout the year.  In September (prior to the winter season starting) there is an intensive induction course run by the club for a group of new-starts/beginners.  During this month the club is open for 8 nights and the club members donate their time to get new shooters introduced to safe handling of firearms and of the basics of prone target shooting.

The Club currently has three prone instructors who are certified under the NSRA scheme.  Two of these also hold the 3-Position module on their certificates.  We expect to have two club coaches in the near future.  Since certification is controlled by our governing body our coaches have been checked and certified at the highest possible level.  The club coaches have access to a Noptel system to allow deep analysis of techniques such as target attack, steadyness of hold and trigger control.

Air Rifle/Pistol
The club has 10m air-rifle/pistol target holders.   Air users have a separate night to the "live" fire nights.  We have the ability to allow 4-5 air-rifle or air-pistol shooters to use the range  at the same time.  This MUST be with low-power target air-rifles (<6ft/lbs) - not the higher-power T/HFT rifles.  We have two mechnical target changers.

Three of our indoor firing points can be quickly converted for bench-rest shooting.  The benches can be used for competitions and/or as a training aid.  We frequently start new shooters "on-the-bench" to allow them to understand aim/zero point/trigger pull/follow through without having to suffer the complexities of slings and jackets.  Benches are also used as a "debugging" aid to look for problems in technique and as a method to help select ammunition that matches  your barrel.  People with injuries or disabilities that make them unable to prone shoot are able to use the bench to continue in target shooting.  Over the years we have had  members qualifying for the finals of the national ELEY/NSRA bench comps.  Some of the club members compete very successfully in National level bench rest competitions.  1 member has qualifed to the finals for 5 out of the last 6 years, and holds both the NSRA (50m) and NSRA/Eley (25yard) national title.

3 Position (3P) Shooting
We now have the ability to instruct members in 2P shooting - standing and kneeling - disciplines (standing can be air or small-bore, kneeling is small-bore only).  Indoor 3P shooting happens on Wednesdays duirng the winter.  

Outdoor Shooting
Our outdoor range is used more heavily in the Summer (April to Spetember) than in the Winter.  
In reality April is still pretty dark up here and shooting usually will be curtailed by lack of light from about 1930.  This is more than made up for the fact that in the July-August period it is not unheard of people to finish comp-cards after 2230. 

The Pullar Targe (50m) and the ICL Challenge Cup(100y)  Won in 2011 by a team of Maria Bexley, Iain Malone and Seoc Malone.  We are one of the few clubs to win both distances in the one year.

We can cater for the "standard outdoor distances" of 50m and 100yards at our range. 

We have 8 firing points, and is usual we shoot six spot faces on cards at 50m with three spot faces on cards at 100 yards.  Backer cards are available if needed.  Adjacent lanes can shoot 50 and 100 on the same detail, so it is possible to crack through a number of cards in an evening shoot.

The range faces south, so afternoon and early evening shooting can be interesting.  Towards evening the light is more predictable.  The wind is less so.  We have no side banks, so the prevailing westerly wind is from the right and can play havoc with the best planned shots.  It is not unheard of for reasonable shooters to get a decent group of nine shots and one somewhere about seven (yes seven) off.  If you dont believe me come and try it.

In wet weather cars can be parked on the driveway to the range - leaving 50 yards or so to walk.  When conditions are dry cars can be taken  to the side of the firing points.

Barrel-Ammunition Matching
To allow ammunition and barrel matching one of the bench rests can be converted to a rifle clamp.  This leaves the barrel free--floating has a amount of damped recoil and therefor allows multi-shot groups to be generated.  In this way barrels and ammo can be shown to be a good match.

Full-Bore Shooting
In 2008 we affilated for a year to Cawdor Rifle&Pistol Club. This is a local full-bore club with facilities for full-bore shooting out to 500 yards (or is it 600). This allowed our members to shoot outdoors at 50m and 100 yards. Here is a couple of pictures of the 50m range at Cawdor 50m 50m, and of the firing point at 100y 100y.  We now shoot small-bore on our own dochgarroch range.  If you are interested in full-bore shooting drop us an email and we can put you in touch with the Cawdor club. 

ISSF National Judge
The club has one National ISSF judge, who can advise and coach travelling shooters on matters such as range procedures, electronic scoring, and equipment control.

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Clach supports National Shooting Week 2009
For more information, go to

Clachnacuddin would like to thank the Inverness Area Sports Council for its continued support.


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